Parish Council


The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 13 January, commencing at 7.30pm. The agenda for the meeting will be published here a few days beforehand.

Community Centre

Members of the public are welcome at the meetings of Tydd St Giles Parish Council but they are not allowed to participate in the meeting itself. All Council meetings are advertised in accordance with the appropriate regulations and agendas, papers and minutes of the meeting will be available to the public. An opportunity will be given for members of the public to speak in Public Time, which will generally be held prior to the commencement of the Parish Council meeting and does not form part of the meeting. There will normally be a time limit of 15 minutes for Public Time.

A person wishing to speak should provide details of the issue to be raised, together with the specific question to be asked, to the Clerk. They must include their name and address and whether they are representing any particular group. This information should normally be submitted by post or e-mail to the Clerk in advance of the meeting.

Members of the public may use Public Time to report problems with Council facilities, faulty street lights, dangerous incidents, and concerns over public safety etc. Questions from members of the public should be relevant to the work of the Council.

It may not be possible for the Council to respond to your question, especially if no prior notification has been received, in which case, a written response will be given to the questioner and made available to the public.