Who's Who

Details of the members of the Council and the Clerk are shown below.
Photograph of Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle (Chairman)

Address: Paget Hall, Hockland Road, Tydd St Giles, PE13 5LF
Photograph of Geoff Mathias

Geoff Mathias (Vice-Chairman)

Address: Fern House, Swallow Lane, Tydd Gote, PE13 5PQ
Photograph of Caroline Brooks

Caroline Brooks

Address: The Keepers, Church Lane, Tydd St Giles, PE13 5LG
Photograph of Malcolm Carter

Malcolm Carter

Address: Beeson, 9d Field Avenue, Tydd St Giles, PE13 5LJ
Photograph of Barrie Luck

Barrie Luck

Address: Romain, Hall Bank, Tydd St Giles, PE13 5NG
Photograph of Kearn Malin

Kearn Malin

Address: ℅ 358 High Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HS
Photograph of Adam Renshaw

Adam Renshaw

Address: Walsingham Lodge, 73 High Broadgate, Tydd St Giles, PE13 5LS
Photograph of Dave Gibbs

Dave Gibbs (Clerk)

Address: 358 High Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HS